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Tenancy refers to occupancy or possession of land, building or other property by payment of rent or lease. It also means habitation occupied or held by a tenant.
Tenancy law claims solicitor helps clients to determine if their leases are by the law. A tenancy law lawyer has studied rights and duties of tenants and also the landlord. A tenancy solicitor will help you to determine whether you have a right to sue owner if there is something that points to breach on contract.
An attorney also helps tenants to know what they are committing themselves to before signing any papers with the landlord of housing agents. It is important to seek their counsel as they help renters to gain the better understanding of all responsibilities and overall legality of their leases.

Is it a requirement o have tenancy solicitor when entering into lease agreement
At many places, tenancy law does not require any party to be represented by a solicitor. Some people just enter into a standard form of tenancy agreement without seeking legal advice or without examining the content of agreements provided by the leasing party.

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It is, however, important to hire tenancy solicitors because the have capacity to protect legal interests in a better way since they understand the law. Consider that the other party may have gone to a lawyer to seek help in draughting or scrutinising tenancy documents. It means the other party knows the agreement is fair to the side but might not be the same to the tenant.
It is important for tenants to use tenancy solicitors. A document prepared by solicitors will cover more aspects that what is covered by the standard form of agreements. The former identified more issues that are likely to cause a dispute hence it is important to seek the guidance of tenancy law claims solicitor.
Through the identification of these problems and dealing with them before making a commitment on paper helps to reduce future disputes because everything will be done professionally.
The tenancy agreement can be comprehensive therefore having a legal mind to help you out is essential. The content regularly includes:
• Period/length of tenancy
• Rent and payment period
• Deposit
• Use for leased property such as residence, office, commercial or factory
• Other specific terms between the parties

Depending on the term of tenancy and capacities of parties entering into an agreement (individuals partnership or limited company), it requires different formalities for execution.
Housing law specialist
Housing law is full therefore it helps to have a tenancy law claims solicitor who can take each party through the meaning of each. Some specialities of housing law include:
• Breach of tenancy agreement
• Anti-social behavior
• Housing benefits
• Disrepair claims – Personal Injury Law
• Landlord responsibilities
• Tenancy deposit protection and disputes
• Evictions
• Other local by-laws

Do landlords need a tenancy law claims solicitor

A landlord might own a house, but it does not mean the person knows everything housing laws. Owners need tenancy law solicitors when they are in dispute with tenants that requires them to go through the process of a lawsuit. Disputes especially those that require evictions need advice from a solicitor to avoid liability because it should not be done in a way that contravenes the law. Security deposit disputes are also another thorny issue between landlords and tenants.
It is not easy being a landlord. It involves making difficult decisions regarding tenants and also dealing with major frustrations by some of them. Tenancy claims solicitors help in such situations because they know how to fight legal rights involving property and any irresponsible tenants. Most times, landlords might consider hiring an attorney to be an additional cost but is worth it when they have fight disputes and claims for property damage.
The law safeguards rights and responsibilities of both landlords and tenants. Landlords might own the space but activities such forceful eviction if for rogue tenants are limited. Tenancy law claims solicitor can help owners with advice on legal steps to follow and evict bad tenants such as those who skip rent, those who are criminals or those who damage property. They can also represent them in the court of tenancy dispute tribunals.
Tenancy solicitors, therefore, have an important role to play for either the tenants or landlords.

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